Coin vs. tax

The Cap and Trade and Fair Tax ideas both ignore coining money, I notice. I don’t know why, but it seems they think the government needs the money, when it does not. It coins the money. What’s the reason for taxes, I wonder? Putting your petty cash in the bank keeps it in circulation, so it’s not about conservation. Maybe it’s a tradition left over from paying rent to King George. Well, taxes didn’t make sense there either. The bookkeeping course I’ve been studying says I would need to deduct taxes from your paycheck. Well, I don’t get it. How would I have a paycheck for you if the government doesn’t give me the money? I wouldn’t have enough sales to pay you anything, and neither would anybody else. Do we speak the same language? People who claim a business would sell enough I think are wrong. It’s just too dangerous to need to make a sale. When I read about Cap and Trade on McCain’s web site, I noticed it’s sort of a humorous story that’s been written, which McCain says shall be done when he is elected.