Reading McCain’s web site, energy independence

McCain calls his energy plan the Lexington Project because it’s for the U. S. to get energy independence. He wants to increase domestic oil exploration and natural gas exploration. He wants a tax credit for buying a zero carbon emission car. He wants a $300 million prize to improve battery technology. He supports flex-fuel vehicles, whatever they are. He wants more effective penalties for car companies not making fuel-efficient vehicles. I also read he will commit $2 billion a year to advancing clean coal technologies that could be sold to other countries, and he wants to construct 100 new nuclear power plants, 45 by 2030. McCain wants a research and development tax credit. He wants a Cap-And-Trade tax on over-emissions, collected in such a way that commodities brokers could make money, and wants to improve the oil futures laws. He wants a higher energy efficiency standard for any new government buildings. He wants to reduce the red tape in the way of investing in electric companies, and he opposes the windfall profits tax on oil companies because it reduces their domestic exploration. (http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/17671aa4-2fe8-4008-859f-0ef1468e96f4.htm) He also favors inflating automobile tires, to increase fuel-efficiency. (https://secure.donationreport.com/donation.html?key=ZELOB5NVCUQ8) Well, I thought gasoline was too expensive twenty years ago. Guess what? Cars have also been too expensive, and so have houses. I doubt the cost of oil is because of where it comes from. I think it’s from mark up to pay back bonds, loans and other overhead. The larger issue is the inflation throughout the economy. I’ve been dealing with it by just staying home.