Reading McCain’s web site, Education

McCain wants public support for a child’s education to follow that child into the school the parents choose, including their own homes, for well-educated children. He wants federal financial support to move from school to school with the child.(http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/19ce50b5-daa8-4795-b92d-92bd0d985bca.htm) Well, the teacher’s income being based on the number of students is something I oppose. It isn’t safe for the teacher or the teacher’s dependants. I’m aware the democrats agree with McCain on this issue. So, I guess it’s still an issue for the reason I just said. To generalize the issue: is a free market or a social market better? Hint: under a free market you could be homeless and starve to death, or somebody could. Since a free market is so risky, it is not conservative in my opinion. Instead, it’s like a bunch of kids running away from home and camping out in the desert. I guess McCain’s point is that if a student fails a grade a few times, the child would be more civilized with a good education.