Reading McCain’s web site, Agricultural Policies

From what I read, I think McCain wants to expand overseas markets to American farmers. He thinks farmers suffering from droughts, floods or other natural disasters should be assisted. He won’t give welfare to corporations, or rich farms, but will provide small farmers with a reasonable safety net. He believes scientific research could yield higher crop yields and drought resistant crops. He wants farmers to do conservation to protect the land, wildlife and rivers. He believes rural prosperity comes from things like lower taxes, strong markets and aid to victims of natural disasters. He thinks food stamps should reflect the current cost of living, and would fill shortfalls in the Emergency Food Assistance Program. To protect the food supply, McCain will not allow making ethanol from corn. That’s my understanding of his Agricultural Policies. (http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/8d810b1d-a6db-47b0-b54b-334c2255aa4e.htm) Well, I think overseas markets as a way for farmers to make money is not safe to American grocery shoppers. I think the southeastern United States used to grow tobacco instead of food because of overseas markets. Furthermore, I notice a lot of new growth forests in Georgia have been turned into housing instead of farms or wood crop. Also, McCain should know what the southwestern United States looks like. It’s not like easterners think. It’s more like the surface of the moon. There hasn’t been the rainfall here to think we have enough farmland to expand overseas markets. Why does McCain’s agricultural policy sound like he’s never set foot outside of rural northeastern United States? Liberal reporters who claim the United States is a superpower and the breadbasket of the world are obviously lying. For example, the news has been claiming that an aircraft carrier has a crew of thousands and thousands instead of five or ten.