Reading about Alan Keyes, pro-life Republican

According to what’s left of his web site, Keyes is a principled conservative. He’s been running for the Republican nomination for President, and his web site now has a link to an Independent party web site. He thinks the path of hope is for people to depend on God.(http://www.alankeyes.com) In his statement submitted to California’s Secretary of State, he said he opposes abortion and opposes fetal stem cell research and cloning. Also, he wants to secure U. S. Borders, since exploiting illegal immigrants is not fair to American workers. He thinks judicial decisions should follow the law rather than try to change the law. It is my understanding that as President he would ignore unlawful decisions of judges, and that He thinks the income tax should be replaced by a federal sales tax such as the so-called Fair Tax that several other Republican primary candidates referred to in their statements.(http://primary2008.sos.ca.gov/voterguide/candstate/candrepublican_party.HTML#keys) The Independent party web site, that his site has a link to, says the party is trying to get him on the ballot for the Presidential election. If he agrees with their platform, he is a pro-life, “peace through strength” conservative. He recognizes the personhood of all unborn children. He favors the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. He opposes terrorists, those who use violence to forward their political aims. He also supports U. S. Economic sovereignty, and opposes the Seventeenth Amendment, which made running for the Senate more expensive. Also, that site says that Alan Keyes is a former Reagan Assistant Secretary of State.(http://www.selfgovernment.us/aip) Well, that’s better than the Democrats, since they are pro-choice and they want students who didn’t do anything wrong to do community service and they seem to want to fight Pakistan and Afghanistan again. However, what I don’t understand about the conservative platform is securing the borders and the so-called fair tax. When I moved to California, my New York State driver’s license was fine until I got my California license, and I think a sales tax would apply to employee salaries. It would be a tax deduction with no chance of a refund.