Reading McCain’s web site, Space Program

I read today that McCain sponsored legislation authorizing funding for returning to the Moon and preparing for a manned mission to Mars, because Americans have curiosity and like exploring, and because he believes the space program helps innovation and US security. The web site also says He favors ensuring NASA’s funding is being used well. (http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/7366faf9-d504-4abc-a889-9c08d601d8ee.htm) I’ve only seen one moon in the sky at a time. I guess there’s only one moon, although it’s surface doesn’t always look the same. I’ve never seen Mars. An encyclopedia I skimmed says Mars is the second brightest star in the night sky and that with a telescope it can be seen to be a planet. It has two moons in its sky and is farther from the Sun than the Earth. Although ninety-five percent of its atmosphere is carbon dioxide, it’s medium temperature is negative nine degrees Fahrenheit. Two tenths of one percent of its atmosphere is oxygen, and its gravity is less than half that of Earth. Because it’s red like blood, it was named for the Roman’s god of war, Mars. The Greek’s god of war was Ares. The Hebrew’s god of war was I Am. Therefore, a good use for NASA’s funding is ensuring the safety of the astronauts.