Reading McCain’s web site, Natural Heritage

I think McCain favors the conservation movement and also favors government departments trying to take care of the environment. I think McCain believes both hunting and fishing help the market keep species of wild life from going extinct by efforts to restock the hunting grounds and fishing spots. I think McCain hopes the cap-and-trade tax will help fund our national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and that cities will try to have enough parks and views. McCain’s statements on oil said greenhouse gas and high oil prices are both an environmental and a national security problem to be solved rather that disbelieved.(http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/65bd0fbe-737b-4851-a7e7-d9a37cb278db.htm) The Natural Heritage page of McCain’s web site had some of McCain’s commercials. I watched two of them. It seems McCain should be more involved in the making of his commercials. The second of McCain’s commercials I saw is, in my opinion, a humorous example of the political results of mud slinging. Instead of pictures of McCain on the campaign trail, McCain should have considered the commercial a major part of the campaign trail. McCain should have looked into the camera. McCain should have said, “I think lower taxes would cause lower prices and more jobs.” Peace.