Reading McCain’s web page, Ethics Reform

I think McCain considers accepting or demanding bribes from grant and/or job recipients to be wrong, and calls such funds “pork barrel earmarks,” and I think he also opposes bribes from rich people and from labor unions and considers lobbyists to be a nuisance. I think his web site says he will veto pork barrel earmarks and expose those trying to get bribes, and that he’s against accepting gifts from lobbyists and therefore favors sensible campaign donation limits and an independent ethics office in Congress.(http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/cb15a056-ac87-485d-a64d-82989bdc948c.htm) According to the back cover of McCain’s book, “Why Courage Matters,” which he co-authored with a member of his staff, McCain has been a U. S. Senator since 1986 and was a U. S. Congressman for two terms before that. A big success story — while I ,on the other hand, in 1986 had been finding out I couldn’t make a living. The work day was sooner and longer than I could handle, the wages that I could get weren’t enough to meet basic expenses, Reagan had been calling a normal neighborhood “The American Dream,” and he was mad about taxes, saying “Tax and tax, and spend and spend.“ Well, the income tax amendment was in 1913. It’s not my fault, and aid to the poor could come from coining money. In fact, the income tax was found unconstitutional in 1895.