Reading McCain’s web site, Judicial Philosophy

I think McCain believes some judges have not always based their decisions on the law. An example of such a decision is Roe v. Wade, yet their decisions have somehow been followed. He believes one thing the President could do about this problem is to appoint judges who have a record of “following the law.”(http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/b8529d0e-381e-4a29-9c39-6a57c7e182c9.htm) Well, I think McCain’s judicial appointees wouldn’t dare touch the issue of abortion, because people who think the Roe v. Wade judges did follow the law would accuse McCain’s appointees of being biased and not following the law. I think a better example of checks and balances than biased judges would be for Congress to impeach the Roe v. Wade decision, since obviously the Supreme Court won‘t touch the case. According to a 1980 edition of Funk & Wagnalls, abortion in the first 3 months is done with suction and a little shovel. It didn’t say how the doctor stops the bleeding. After the first trimester, labor is induced to accomplish the sacrifice. Late abortions are done by the surgeon cutting through the mother’s abdomen. The Russians legalized induced abortions in 1920; the U. S. Supreme Court in 1973 threw out laws against abortion by claiming an unborn person is not a person. Right-to-Life groups then formed saying, “Yes they are people.” In 1977, The Supreme Court opposed public funds to pay for abortions.(1980 edition of Funk & Wagnalls) My mother was a premature baby. She was a person before the nine months.