Reading Senator McCain’s web site, 2nd Amendment

The second amendment is in the Bill of Rights, part of the Constitution of the United States. It became law on Dec. 15, 1791. The 2nd Amendment says, “A well regulated Militia . . . , the right of the people to keep and bear arms . . . “ In other words, if you own a firearm you might be summoned to be in a posse or other militia, and you should probably pass a safety course which includes depression management and anger management techniques. A firearm is not a toy or sports equipment. It’s a deadly weapon for civil defense. From what I read on his web site, Senator McCain believes the right to arms is an individual right. He voted to protect gun manufacturers from being liable for someone using their products. He voted against bans on assault rifles and high capacity ammunition magazines. These are things he brags about. He supported legislation requiring gun manufacturers to include gun safety devices. He voted against banning armor-piercing hunting cartridges. He believes citizens of Washington DC should have the right to bear arms. McCain supports instant criminal background checks to help prohibit criminals from buying firearms. In fact, he introduced legislation that would require an instant criminal background check for all sales at gun shows. McCain opposes the confiscation of firearms. He believes having penalties for using a firearm while committing a crime is the best way to deter crime.(http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/77636553-6337-4ecd-b170-49e1c07d2fbd.htm) Also, in 1791 there may have been old-growth forests full of wild deer and bear and so forth.