Reading McCain’s web site, section on veterans

According to his web site, McCain is an advocate veterans; they had a calling to protect us. He supported numerous bills to help homeless veterans. He has voted consistently to increase funding for veterans’ benefits. He has worked to ensure that veterans who are eligible for benefits know what they are entitled to. He thinks disabled veterans should receive both disability and retirement pay at the same time. He doubled veteran and service member life insurance benefits. McCain has been working to improve veterans’ health care, and also to increase pay scales and give tax relief to deployed service members. He has been working to expand retirement and health care benefits for reservists, and to give military retirees tax breaks to help pay health insurance premiums. McCain has been working to improve educational and job counseling programs for veterans, as well as many other things. For example, he worked to extend the availability of G. I. Bill education benefits for Vietnam veterans, and in 2006 he sponsored legislation to immortalize the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial as a symbol honoring veterans of the Korean War.(http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/9cb5d2aa-f237-464e-9cdf-a5ad32771b9f.htm) That section of his web site uses terms like “service members” rather than exploitive terms like “our forces.” Other parts of his web site remind the reader that McCain already has experience as an officer and cares about people in the military.