Reading McCain’s web site, section on Iraq

I think McCain’s position on Iraq is the following: Iraq should be an ally of the U. S. capable of governing itself and safeguarding its people, an ally that is not a haven for terrorists, or a pawn of an unfriendly Iran. It needs to be a nation that that poses no threat to us or its neighbors and in fact contributes to the defeat of terrorists. We also have responsibilities in Iraq. Rebuilding Iraq is taking place. Basic services are being restored. Iraq’s government we recognize needs security to better deliver basic services—clean water, garbage collection, abundant electricity—for a climate where the Iraqi economy can happen. Iraq’s Arab neighbors should feel safe to invest in businesses Iraq, to help create jobs in Iraq. Our troops need the time and support necessary to succeed in Iraq. After withdrawing a lot of our troops from Iraq in 2006, Syria and Iran supported the unfriendly opposition, Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda went on the offensive, and entire provinces of Iraq fell under their control. We had to send reinforcements into Iraq, and this relatively unpublicized sending of troops back into Iraq is now called the surge, and because of it we are winning again. We can’t have peace talks with Syria and Iran from a position of weakness, so our troops need to stay in Iraq. (http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/fdeb03a7-30b0-4ece-8e34-4c7ea83f11d8.htm) McCain’s position on Iraq I read on his web site. I now think I know what he means by “The Surge.” I think he opposes withdrawing from Iraq because U.S. troops are what is keeping Iraq friendly to the United States. Being poor, I’m not sure what would be so great about rich Arabs investing in businesses in Iraq instead of its government subsidizing them, but maybe I’m just jealous.