Reading McCain's web site

I think McCain wants to change the tax code so every family will receive a tax credit to offset the cost of medical insurance, with the money sent directly to the insurance provider, and any excess put in a Health Savings Account. I think He wants to figure out a way to get medical insurance for those who have been denied insurance, such as forming a nonprofit corporation. I think He wants to find ways to lower health care costs, such as ending unfair lawsuits against doctors, getting more people to quit smoking, having more walk-in clinics in retail outlets, and more in-home care for seniors.(http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/19ba2f1c-c03f-4ac2-8cd5-5cf2edb527cf.htm) Well, I think a way to lower health care costs would be to subsidize doctors. That way, they could charge less. I think a way to afford to subsidize doctors would be for the government to coin its spending money.