i am not authorized to comment on this post

hello, redstate…hi hello how are ya??? and so on….hell

for severtal weeks, if not months, i have been unable to post comments here, on account of…according to the message i receive every time i try….i am not authorized to comment on this post….

i’m not a bigtime writer, here…..neither am i a prolific commenter….but sometimes, i think i have something to say, and i kinda liked it, that i was able to say something, when i thought it was worth saying…..it’s extremely irritating to get the “you are not authorized to comment on this thread” every single time you try to post a comment….but hey, it’s not MY website, right???

so…it not being my website….i naturally contacted the people who own the website…i think….as far as i can tell, there is only one way to do that, which is click on the magic “contact us” button at the bottom of the page….i have written to them time and time again, asking for an explanation of why i am having this problem….


do i sound upset????…you might say so…..

last time i tried, i was able to post an old diary…i’m now going to try to post a new one – this one – to see if it will get through the maze…..

we’re not supposed to have to negotiate a maze here….this is supposed to be a place of free speech….if the owners of this site think i said something so horrendously objectionable that they have banned me from speaking here ever again, i think they have a responsibility to at least respond to my inquiries….if there is some quirky glitch in the system that is preventing me from commenting, i think they have a responsibility to at least respond to my inquiries…..whatever is happening, guess what, i think they have a responsibility to respond to my inquiries…..why else do they have a “contact us” button????

i was about to say “this is my last time” trying to fix this problem….but you know what???…i probably won’t give up that easy…..we – the people of this country – are being shut down, shut up, and shut out of every decision making process…well, i’m kinda tired of that…..i WON’T be shut down, or shut up, or shut out, without a fight….

so….REDSTATE….erick erickson et al…….ball is in your court…..am i banned??? if so, why.???…am i the victim of a “glitch,” if so why have you not replied to my emails???…and how many others have been silenced???

i’m confused and sad…..all i want is to be allowed to be part of the conversation…..

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