the big brown wave of the future

Being stuck here in the middle of the Great Large Massive Power Outage of 2012, having lost all the food in a 22cu freezer and a 23 cu refrigerator, and spent a very nice few hours bonding with my younger son catching water from the downspouts into buckets to use for flushing the toilets, etc, I suddenly came to the realization that this is, in fact, exactly what my Great Leader is hoping for. No more electricity from coal. No more “keeping our thermostat at 72” and “driving suvs.”

Well, we never did keep the air conditioning set that low, because it was too expensive – even before the EPA closed five power generating stations in my state. And a 2000 Audi A6 is not exactly a gas guzzler, but we probably make up for that when we need to load up our household trash every two weeks, and take it to the “waste management facility” in our big old F150. Yes, we are so far out in the middle of nowhere that there is no trash pickup, and no municipal water supply either.

Of course, it was our choice to live out here, so we are not really allowed to complain, even though it appears that Someone has changed the rules, by greatly decreasing the availability of electricity. He has “changed the deal, pray he does not alter it further.”

We are always told, “Look! This bad thing will kill seven gazillion children, or polar bears, or delta smelts, and so it must be dumped on the Trash Heap of History!!!” No one ever mentions the millions of lives saved or extended by burning coal to provide better living conditions for actual living people. No one ever mentions the million of lives saved or extended by the technical advancements made possible by burning coal. No one ever mentions the millions of people in the third world who receive the benefits of our industrial capabilities. No one ever ever EVER mentions the 1500-2000 people killed each and every year because they were traveling in cafe-standard death traps, who would have survived had they been in Big Bad Gas Guzzlers.

So, it looks like the old clothesline will be coming back to life, and hopefully we will find a way to install a manual pump in our water well. I will continue to “preserve and protect” the fruits of our labors in the vegetable garden, either by canning or drying in the sun (does not require coal!!!), and we will gradually adjust ourselves to The New Order, in which reliable energy does not exist, but all the manifold difficulties it once overcame will continue to plague us.

 Because, unless this Great Green Crusade Against Climate Change can be stopped, this is my future. Hey, maybe yours too…….