i am bean peaced off...really peaced off..

….(bean a reaction to the DOJ dropping the charges against certain disgusting thugs, without any explanation or justification whatsoever,thereby letting them get away with the most reallest “voter intimidation” tactics ever employed in modern times in this country….and the toadal lack of press time devoted to this story….)

……however. living as i do in west virginia…..i won’t have the opportunity of dressing up in clan gowns and playing election monitor during the next election…..even tho such opportunity has apparently been afforded to the “new” black panthers…….i mean, just because they were engaging in blatant, potentially violent, and obviously militant voter intimidation, that does not mean that they should be prosecuted for such obvious violations of the law……just because they failed to respond to subpoenas requiring their presence in federal court, that does not mean they should be prosecuted for such obvious violations of the law…..i mean, basically, just because they obviously BROKE THE LAW, that does not mean they should be PUNISHED for breaking the law…….

i am not saying obama is a racist who will allow his fellow color-co-ordinated people absolute freedom…after all, Tim Geithner looks awfully whitish to me….and he has got more freedom than any black person in the country….i just kinda think that if this were white guys in sheets with blackjacks…(oh wait, am i allowed to call them “black”jacks…????…..oh gosh this is just too hard)….no….seriously…this is an open and shut case which would have ended up in serious prison time for anyone who tried it in the 60s or 70s….but not these guys, oh no……case dismissed…..

what we need…and we really do need to do this….is for somebody to belly up to the bar and prepare to show up at this very same polling station in 2010 in full KKK regalia and do pretty much exactly the same thing these thugs did in 2008….and see if they get their charges dismissed…..and we need those who can’t or would rather not be in the spotlight to start RIGHT NOW to contribute to their legal fund/hospitalization fund….in advance….because who amongst us would believe they wouldn’t need one and/or the other…???

this “president” has done so much damage to our country in such a small space of time, that we have no way to fight…but this particular thing is something we CAN fight….

to quote a very great patriot….

“Let’s roll”