the joy of being obama is....

okay, guys, i’m on dial-up,really really slow dial-up,so i don’t see any of these videos that get posted here, but i do notice a trend.

apparently, you all have dug up videos of obama saying things he swears – okay he doesn’t swear as such – but at least, lots of things he denies he ever said.

i had thought it was my age-eroded memory, of course, when he claimed he never said he would sit down with tyrants during the primary debates. surely i remembered incorrectly, ya know?

maybe once or twice, i admit, i may have that kind of memory moment (insert howling laughter of my sons here), but lately, it seems that obama is pretty much denying everything i ever heard him say…..i mean, thought i heard him say….

so here’s what i think is going to happen next.

obama will begin a nationwide manhunt for the “person or persons unknown” who are going around making videos of him saying these outrageous things, and posting them on the internet to fool us into believing he actually said them.

and then he’ll get the guy a job on saturday night live….