what the frack...?

okay, well i don’t know what particular “diary” to select, so i just picked the first one…hopefully, someone will educate me on the etiquette of blogging, so i might get better at it…i am just a oleperson here, trying to make sense of this new world….hah, good luck with that…. đŸ™‚

well, to get back to the meat of the matter, or the “what the frack is going on here” theme….what the frack is going on here???

i watched Sen. Obama’s speech tonite, and i was….um…less than wowed, as it were…then i watched FoxNews tell me how i should have been wowed, as it were…i was told he gave me specifics…..um…when did he do that, exactly…? i don’t know, i didn’t see much in the way of specifics except when he said that the govt has got to stop “giving to those who have much” in the hope that it will trickle down to the rest of society…somebody please enlighten me as to when the government has ever GIVEN anything to “those who have much”….as opposed to, say, not TAKING so much FROM those who have much…i would be much obliged….

don’t come at me here with tax cuts….tax cuts is just another way of saying they’re not gonna take quite so much away from successful people; it’s not exactly “giving” to the “rich,” especially when compared to the Earned Income Credit, fer instance….

i think that was the closest Sen. Obama got to actually articulating any specifics. the rest of his speech was pretty much hope and change, change and hope, we are the ones, etc….except when he was contradicting himself….

he said….we are all capable of lifting ourselves up by hard work…..oh but, wait, lots of us need special help because of our innate disadvantages, so we need to take money from those who have succeeded in lifting themselves up, in order to help those who have failed, or not even tried……because “we are our brothers’ keepers”…..

he said….we may not agree on abortion…OMG WHAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT…and yet, that should not interfere with a woman’s “Right to Choose,” as enshrined in the Constitution….(i have looked and looked and looked and looked, but i cannot find it….that’s why i’m not a SCOTUS person, i spose….)

he said…he would find ways to reward companies that kept jobs in the United States, and punish those who sent jobs overseas…while at the same time raising corporate taxes on companies in the United States…this is some magician, this is….last i heard, only Japan has higher corporate tax rates than us….

he said….he ACTUALLY SAID…that he would go over the budgets LINE BY LINE…um….hmmm….lemme think……he really believes they’re gonna revive the line item veto….JUST FOR HIM?????…gimme a break, that just toadly destroys the way congressional budgets work…..

he blathered a whole slew of other Demo talking points, as about the Iraq war, the Economy, the evil of Free Trade, etc, but…as i said before…no specifics…WHERE ARE THE SPECIFICS??? WHAT EXACTLY DOES HE MEAN TO CHANGE FROM WHAT TO WHAT???

Americans want change, that’s pretty obvious…Barack says we CANNOT go back…i ask….why not…???…why not go back to considering teen pregnancy a bad thing, and treating it that way, instead of subsidizing it?…why not go back to honoring those who enlist in the military, instead of stigmatizing them??…why not go back to letting our children be children, instead of sexoholics-in-training…???…why not go back to the founding principles of our country, which relegated the powers of the federal government to a very very few specific areas, as opposed to telling you what lightbulbs you may use in your own home….???

when Americans respond over and over in polls that they think their country is “headed in the wrong direction,” i think the Democrats should not particularly take heart from this…since it has been them and their politically correct confederates who have been leading the charge in this wrong direction…i believe most Americans would like to get back our old values…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but foremost my God, my Country, and my family…and forget these new values……”me, myself, and what i want,” and who cares what it does to you…..

last year, my son’s fiancee coerced me into reading Ayn Rand….at the time, i thot Rand was a little “over the top,” as it were….now….it looks more and more like she hit the nail straight on the head….looks like Obama thinks, if you work hard and make money in America, it ain’t your money, it rightfully belongs to someone “less fortunate”….for example, the Government…..