Exactly What is The President's Economic Policy?

I don’t know about you, but the President’s economic policy seems to me to get more confusing every day. I’m a small business owner, and pride myself on being an effective and efficient manager. I know how to meet a payroll and live within a budget. Yet, as I watch with growing amazement the Obama Administration continues to confuse and misstate their own economic policy. In February they wanted a trillion dollar stimulus package. They punched it through Congress and the only thing it seemed to stimulate was the size of the deficit. It sure didn’t stimulate the economy, and it sure didn’t result in more jobs.

Now the President and the Democrats want another stimulus. … but sshhh!! Don’t call it a stimulus – remember, the first one didn’t work. All they want is another $50 billion here and maybe $200 billion there. They say the $50 billion will be paid for, but don’t tell you how. Well, if there’s one thing I know for certain from listening to the people of this District, it is that they don’t want another stimulus! They don’t want any more deficit spending!

If you have ever operated a small business you know that you must understand the “playing field” before you can make a decision on how to operate. The Obama Administration and the Democrat Leadership continue to send mixed messages and that is keeping many business owners on the sidelines and not moving forward or growing their businesses. The President proposes tax relief for small businesses – but understands well that more than half of all small business owners will not qualify. Then you have the Democrats in Congress who have publicly bemoaned the Bush tax cuts, yet many of those same people now want them extended.

In my humble opinion, that’s not exactly a way to instill confidence in either the American consumer or the small business owners. And that’s left most of us asking: “Exactly what is your economic policy, Mr. President?”

Cross Posted at Chuck Fleischmann for Congress.com