What The American People Expect From Government

Over this past year especially, a wave of frustrated and angry Americans has appeared on the forefront of the political scene. Liberals try to spin the frustration and anger by blaming it on members of the Tea Party. Conservatives try to spin it by blaming it on the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party. The truth is that the frustration and anger is much more widespread than either party wants to admit.

People are frustrated with a government that has stopped listening to them. They are frustrated with a government that thinks they know better than the American people what is best for them. They are frustrated with out of control spending. They are frustrated with record deficits. They are frustrated with a refusal by the Federal Government to enforce our immigration laws.
People are angry at a failed economic policy and an Administration that refuses to take responsibility for it. They are angry at high unemployment rates, and with the fact that 14.5 million Americans can’t find jobs. They are angry that they said “NO” to a government run healthcare system that has since been forced on them.

Our campaign is capturing the energy behind that frustration and anger and is using it to fuel our momentum to set America on the right track. I understand what you expect from your government and as your Congressman, I’ll remember who I work for.

I am listening to the people of the 3rd District and simply put, I know that they want their government to get out of the way of the free enterprise system, not make it onerous for small business owners to operate their business, avoid excessive regulations. And more than anything, they want to know that they are being heard.

I am listening. Our campaign is working to grow our grassroots base. Invite others to join in our effort today.

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