Secure Our Borders First

As a sovereign nation, the most important thing the United States must do is protect its citizens. To that end we must control our borders. It is the responsibility of the federal government to make sure that terrorists and/or criminals such as drug dealers are not crossing our borders intent on harming our citizens.

All of us realize that of those people crossing our borders illegally, many of them are doing so to find the American dream. But that doesn’t diminish the fact that they are breaking the law and that people who wish our country harm are also crossing at will.

Recent events along our southern border are indications of the ongoing crisis there. Thousands of innocent people are fleeing Mexico, seeking a place of safety in the United States, only to find the drug dealers and thugs following them across the border to murder and terrorize them. American citizens are also being murdered by these monsters. Recently, a rancher in Arizona was killed by drug dealers while on his own land and Arizona law enforcement was shot and wounded by these criminals. It is no wonder that Arizona has felt the need to protect their own citizens. If the federal government won’t do it, the states must.

There is no simple solution to securing our borders, but there are steps we must take now. Senator John Cornyn recently introduced “the Southern Border Security Assistance Act” which would create a $300 million border grant program for state and local law enforcement within 100 miles of the southern border, which will help those states provide resources to buy equipment and upgrade critical information systems as well as hire additional officers.

I also support building a reinforced barrier along the southern border, using fencing, technology, vehicle barriers, cameras and agents. Until we secure our borders it will be impossible to work through our other illegal immigration problems. I will always oppose amnesty of any kind for illegal immigrants, but we can’t even get to that discussion until we have done everything necessary to keep the American people safe.

Cross posted at Chuck For Congress.com