A Lifetime of Fiscal Conservatism

As long as I live I will never forget being a part of the movement to kill the income tax when it was being proposed a decade ago here in Tennessee. So many Conservatives from across the state came together to tell our Governor, and our legislature, that an income tax was not what this state needed. We understood that lower taxes equal a more prosperous people, and an income tax would have placed a heavy burden on us – and we knew it needed to be stopped. It was a great day for our state when the idea was finally rejected and the voices for low taxation had won the day.

When I go to Congress I promise to continue to fight for lower taxes, less government regulation, and less government spending. The projected federal deficit is almost $1 trillion annually over the next ten years. We must work to reduce spending and make permanent budget cuts. $20 billion in earmarks is unacceptable. $55 billion in overpayments to federal programs must end. And the fact that discretionary spending has increased 74% faster than inflation since 2001 is unconscionable. President Obama’s miniscule spending freeze over the next decade does not come close to solving the problem. Real action must be taken.

It is imperative that we overhaul our current tax system in order to reduce the amount of red tape and money that is spent and lost due to an overly complicated tax system. I am a strong proponent of looking at moving to a system such as the Fair Tax that would do all of those things.

I will also continue to fight against a government takeover of health care, and fight for reform that truly works for the people. As I have been saying since day 1 of this campaign, we need tort reform, Health Savings Accounts, and portability of health insurance. All of these reforms will lower costs and allow the free market to do what it does best. We cannot allow the federal government to turn our health care system into a waiting line at the DMV.

Finally, I promise that special interest groups in Washington will not find an open door in my congressional office. I have fought for Conservative values all my life because I know those are what work best for us, the people. I fought against the income tax because it was going to hurt the citizens of Tennessee. Having owned a small business for the last 23 years, I know how to balance a budget, create jobs, and what policies work best for everyday Americans. I will always fight for the Conservative policies that help everyday Americans – not politicos, party bosses, and special interest groups in Washington.

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