My Response to the Senate Cloture Vote on Health Care

Once again the liberal leadership in Washington has used the dark of night to continue the process of shoving health care “reform” down the throats of all Americans. On Saturday Harry Reid threw out his original 2,000 page bill and replaced it with an amendment numbering in the hundreds of pages, leaving other members of the Senate, and the American people, very little time to understand what is in the bill before this morning’s 1 a.m. vote. After having promised to be the most transparent administration and Congress, the liberals who are in charge in Washington continue to use the dark of night to insure a government takeover of health care. They just don’t get it.

What little we do know about this new amendment assures that there will be an abortion tax forced upon Americans who participate in a new Exchange program being created – and they have no say in the matter. This is utterly reprehensible. We have a responsibility to give a voice to the unborn and make sure their lives are protected. The federal government forcing Americans to pay a tax toward abortion is unconscionable.

We also know the bill which passed the House of Representatives, and many of the ideas being put forward by the liberal leadership in the Senate, will increase premiums and add to the already exploding deficit. None of these things bring about true reform in the health care system.

With the Senate having voted to end debate last night, the American people are almost assured a government takeover of health care. This will include higher taxes, more spending, and government support of abortion. This must be stopped. We cannot allow the liberal leadership in Washington to continue to use the cover of darkness as part of their plan to takeover one-seventh of the U.S. economy.

When I go to Congress, you can always count on me to vote “no” when it comes to a government takeover of health care, higher taxes, and spending money we don’t have.

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