My Comments on the National Debt

Today brings another example of how spending in Washington is dangerously out of control. With the national debt approaching $12.135 trillion, and the Treasury Department having to use ‘extraordinary accounting tools’ to allow an extra $150 billion in debt so Social Security checks can continue to be issued and the federal government can keep its doors open, it is time our elected officials in Washington be held accountable. They just don’t get it.


They must be stopped from increasing the debt ceiling by another $290 billion – as is being proposed now – and instead must make cuts to the federal budget. When a family of 4 hits hard times, they learn to make sacrifices – not sign up for a new credit card. Our government needs to watch and learn from the hard-working folks across our country and stop this mentality of ‘spend-our-way-to-prosperity.’ The bailouts, the stimulus packages, the pork and pet projects, and the ever-increasing size of the federal government must be put to a stop.


When I am elected to represent the good people of Tennessee, I will vote for a balanced budget, and I will do everything in my power to make certain that the size and reach of the federal government decreases each year I am there. It’s time to bring common sense budget principles to the United States Congress.


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