Why not use the AIG model?

I sent the following to my two senators, and my representative. It is totally unrelated to any other discussions going on, other than the “Bailout”.

Maybe the fact that I am an employee of AIG and a shareholder is coloring my vision somewhat with respect to the proposed “bailout” under discussion, but, why wouldn’t you propose that the AIG solution serve as a model for forthcoming modes of assistance?

Each company requiring US taxpayer funds to address their shortage of liquidity, should be forced to give the government warrants that will permit the purchase of 80% of the company. The interest rate on the loan should be usurious, just like the AIG loan.

Destroy the retirement savings of their employee/shareholders, just like the agreement with AIG, and require liquidation of the various assets held by the company. If it is expected to work for AIG, then why not for the others.