In Light of Obama's Flip-Flops; Romney is a Steady Hand

I never thought I would find that Mitt Romney would be more consistant than any opponent he ever would run against; however, that is now the case.  Mitt Romney had his past flip-flops on abortion, taxes, marriage, and healthcare.  In fairness to Romney, all these flip-flops took place during his 4 years as Governor — the only time he served in public office.  It makes sense that a man who was devoid of any real-life governing experience would change his opinions on issues after he gets the experience of being involved in government.  That is what happened with Romney.  He learned while in office, and grew. 

In the case of Obama, Obama has changed his tune back and forth after years of government service.  First, Obama supported gay marriage.  Then he opposed it.  He thought DOMA illegal, but defended it in court.  Then, he decided not to defend it in court.  Then, he decided to support gay marriage.  On the issue the individual mandate Obama first opposed it.  Then he was flexable either way.  Then he supported it.  Then he argued it was a critial part of the healthcare plan.  Now, he argues it is one part of the plan, but that the plan would still be worth keeping even if that part is ruled illegal.   As to religious liberty, at first he supported it.  He had an excemption for Catholic healthcare providers and others.  Then he eliminated the exception.  Then he made adjustments to that.  As to taxes, first Obama wanted to keep taxes the same, except to raise them for the rich.  He wanted to strengthen social security by increasing social security taxes for the rich, and provide an increase in the income tax to pay down the debt as part of his plan to cut the deficit in 1/2.  Then, Obama — with majorities to do whatever he wanted in the Congress did not increase taxes.  Rather, he extended the current income tax levels.  He also cut taxes individuals pay for social security.  The deficit is more-than doubled now, not cut in half.  Obama ran for office supporting benfits for troops in combat and has plans to cut their healthcare, pay, and benefits.  Obama, on these and dozzens of others issues has flip-flopped while in office.  In many cases back and forth time and again.  On a number of issues relating to free trade, regulations, and accountability Obama has flip-flopped.

As Obama is running for re-election, what does he stand for? 

Were Obama’s possitions popular ones, I might say Obama stand for whatever is popular and will get him elected.  But he does not.  In reality, Obama stands for whatever will get him the money of wealthy, liberal benefactors. 

I am not sure if this movement towards the wealthy fringe left was to help him raise campaign money, or to help him personally after his term is over.  I deeply hope it is the latter, and that Obama has written off a second term is is simply possitioning himself for life after his time in office.

At 100 rounds of golf, Obama may simply be preparing for the next phase in his life…the sooner that starts the better.