What a second Obama term will look like

For folks who say never to compromise, I want to share what a 2nd Obama term will look like to give us a picture of what a GOP loss of the House, Senate, and White House would mean:

  1. Obamacare would be enacted in full, and once there, will only grow every time we get a new president.  Like Medicare that grew under Bush.  Like Social Security that has grown every year do to increased life expectancy.  Like unemployment insurance.  Like every other welfare program, obamacare will become a 3rd rail of politics. 
  2. Taxes would rise.  Capital gains tax will move to 20%; tax rates for families making over 250k will rise, and deductions will raise for everyone too. 
  3. Social security taxes would spread to those making above the cap, resulting in a 14% tax added for employees and employers for folks making high incomes.
  4. Obama will appoint a Supreme Court Justice to replace on of the 5 conservative/moderate justices, turning the court liberal.  This means partial birth abortion bans will become illegal, quota for afirmative action will be legal, and gay marriage will be a consitutional right.
  5. Obamacare will decide abortion must be fully covered by everyone.
  6. Defense Spending will be cut by 40% over the next 4 years, 10% a year.
  7. Obama will pass a 50% or higher millionares tax, saying that anyone making more than the president should pay more to pay down the debt.
  8. Gas prices will rise to  $6 – 7 dollars a gallon, and utility prices will also rise.
  9. Cars will become less-save due to new mile-per-gallon requirements.
  10. New anti-hate laws will throw preachers and other in-jail if they teach that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman; the new Court will approve it 5-4 based on Obama’s replacement of a conservative justice.

To win and stop Obama, the GOP needs to get the votes of moderate, not just conservatives.  We cannot afford to turn off voters we need to stop Obama.  The future does not look good for the GOP if our leaders cannot wake up every day and focus on winning moderates, swing-voters, and even left-of-center voters who oppose Obama.  The polls have shown that the GOP has spent the last 2 – 3 years turnning off voters.  We need to think big-tent; and focus on winning.

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