GAO Identifies Billions in Governmen Duplication -- time for Congress to act and make some cuts


A recent GAO report has identified 51 areas where government agencies can make cut to duplicative programs and save billions of taxpayer dollars.  Time for Congress to act.  I understand that the GOP and Democrats agreed on a budget target.  I think we should take these 51 areas and subtract the savings from the budget target.  Make all the suggested changes and put 100% of the money towards reducing our debt. 

What not to do is to make politically problematic cuts by simply cutting agencies budgets.  The smart thing is to make cuts — big cuts — based on these identified areas where the cuts will do no harm.  Take the agreed upon numbers, and then make the cuts from there.  When Democrats object, cite the GAO report.

Ever Since Coburns crusade to save GAO from its budget cuts last year, I’ve grown to realize that — in the war to cut spending — GAO may be the GOP’s best hope.  It is much easier to cut spending when a nonpartisan government agency with a good reputation proposes the cuts, than to propose accross-the-board cuts or to propose cuts withou justfication.  This way, when Democrats cry wolf, the GOP can point to the studies saying the cuts do not harm.

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