Obama's support for slavery

According to the 13th amendment:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


Simply put, the 13th amendment prohibits slavery or involuntary servitude.  This means that no person or entity can require another to work or perform services for free.


Yet, the Obama administration wants to require insurers to provide for abortion and contraception services for free.  This requirement means that an insurance company would be required — for free — to provide or pay for coverage with nothing in return.


In cases of government mandates, these mandates apply to activities or products that eventually result in revenue, or to protect the property rights of others.  Revaluations designed to protect the environment protect the property rights of others to drink clean water, breath clean air, etc.  Laws against making dangerous toys, products, drugs, etc. both protect property rights against injury — no consumer would agree to a toy that would harm his child — and are made upon products sold for money.   Those laws may be debatable, but the protect property rights and none require that 1 person give someone else something for free.

Speed limits, highway laws, corporate laws, and a whole group of other laws may require activities or restrict them — but none require someone to give someone else something for free.

Minimum wage laws, laws requiring healthcare be provided to employees, and the like do not require something for nothing.  They simply set a minimum price for something, in their case, for labor.

The mandate to provide free contraception or abortions –without any remuneration being provided — (as opposed to being required as part of a package of selling a product) — is slavery.  It requires something for nothing.


Some may argue that this is a sort of tax.  That is not true for 2 reasons.  First, the bill passing healthcare was first passed by the Senate, and then by the House.  Thus, it could not be a tax bill.  Second, taxes are paid to a government and the person paying taxes has the benefits of the services provided by the government.  In this case, the services are provided directly to people who the insurance company has no financial relationship with regarding the provision of these services.


The effect of this regulation is the same as if the government would require all black citizens to give any white citizen who asks a free lawn mowing every week.  In other words, it requires something from someone to someone else in exchange for nothing.