Scott Brown and Olympia Snow should go

I have had a chance to think about it.  I think the GOP would be better off without Brown and Snow in the Senate.  While they sometimes pretend to be moderates, most of the time they are liberals when it counts.  Some examples include:

  • Both voted for the end of “don’t ask don’t tell”
  • Olympia Snow voted against the 2001 Bush tax cuts
  • Brown voted for Romneycare
  • Both are pro-abortion and anti-family and consistantly vote that way

I could go on, but the point would be the same.  Neither of them really helps the GOP brand.  They are both liberals.  Yes, on some votes, some of the time, they vote conservative.  However, I’m not actually sure of a single time when their 1 vote made a difference for the conservative side. 

Give the choice between a real race between a real conservative and a liberal, voters could vote for something.  As it is, voters have only a choice between 1 liberal and another.  Frankly, it is not clear that a liberal with an R by his or her name is that much better than a liberal with a D next to it.