Newt is really the only hope to win against Obama

No candidate draws a more stark contrast with Obama.  Let’s look at the difference between Obama, Romney, and Gingrich

  1. On balancing the budget:  Obama has the biggest debt in History, Romney left a debt problem in Mass, Gingrich balanced the budget and made a surplus
  2. On religious Freedom:  Obama requires coverage of abortion — even for Catholic employeers with a religious opposition to abortion, Romneycare had tax payers pay for abortion as part of Romneycare, Gingirch opposes it and talks about it
  3. On creating jobs:  Obama has lost 19 million jobs, Romney was 47th in job creation, Gingrich created millions and millions of jobs while speaker and has a pro-growth, pro-jobs plan
  4. Helping the Poor:  Obama wants the poor dependant on government; Romney wants to make the poor more dependant on government and expand the welfare system to make it even bigger than it is under Obama; Gingrich wants to provide job training programs and create jobs
  5. On government: Obama has actually cut the size of government over the last couple years, but done a horrible job managing it; Romney damatically increased the size of government, which making it less effective; Gingrich when speaker shrunk government but improved the way it ran improving effeciviness and efficientcy.  Gingrich cut hundreds of thousands of government possitions, which raising the quality of our government and brining in better people into it. 
  6. On Taxes:  Obama has actually cut taxes.  He passed extensions on all the Bush tax cuts, and added new payroll tax cuts.  He made some increases to fund his healthcare bill, but on the whole, he cut taxes.  The total tax rate — due mostly to the economic crisis — is now the lowest in over 50 years.  Romney increased taxes when he was governor.  Gingrich passed a tax cut as speaker and voted against Clinton’s tax increase and Bush’s tax increase.
  7. On values.  Obama is pro-choice, pro government funding for abortion, and pro gay marriage.  Romney has everywhere on these issues and changes his views based on what office he is running for.  Newt has strongly been pro-life and pro-family from before the time of Reagan and from before the time when the GOP became the party of life and family.

The truth of the matter is that Romney actually has a worse record than Obama on many issues.  Romney really has no issue or area where he has a substancially stronger possition than does Obama.  On the other hand, Gingrich makes a strong contrast.  Whereas Romney made government bigger.  Gingrich made it not only smaller, but also better.  Wheras Romney raised taxes, Gingrich cut them.  Whereas Romneycare pays for abortions, Gingrich is opposed. 

When compared to Obama, Romney actually looks bad.  It is hard to tell — given their record — whether Romney or Obama is the Republican.  In my opinion, they both actually look like Democrats when we look at their record.  Romney hardly has a record that is more Republican than does Obama.  Romney may current say things that sound Republican — but that is only because he is running for the GOP nomination for President.  The SECOND he runs for the general election, he will start running to the left of Obama.

In a debate with Obama, Romney will talk about his Romneycare program and say he wants to replace Obamacare with Romneycare.  He will say that Romneycare does cover abortions, and say that he doesn’t want to let personal believes stop women from having the care they ‘need.”  he will flip-flop mid race.  Romney will come out for civil unions, and will start talking about how he actually supports raising taxes.

Just wait and see — Romney will run to the left of Obama — and have his record to support him.

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