Newt Gingrich's Amazing Victory

Newt Gingrich started his campaign in SC in earnest sitting in 3rd place behind Romney and Santorum.  His campaign surged when he started attacking Romney’s record in Bain and elsewhere.  He continued his surge by attacking unfair media questions, getting standing ovations.  It is hard to believe, but Gingrich got 2 standing ovations on a question about his 2nd wife and her claims that he wanted an “open marriage.”  Never in the history of politics has this ever happened before.


Newt  fought against, not only the Obama machine, and the media, but also against the GOP establishment — and he won.  He won because the American voters in SC, and across the nation are starting to see Newt Gingrich for what he is:  A fighter.  A person willing to stand-up and fight for the American people.


From the day Newt Left office until today, wages are down.  They are down for folks with college degrees and those without.  They are down for workers in the private sector, and workers in the public sector.  They are down for famility with children, young workers, middle-aged workers, and for every worker of every age.  From soon after Newt left office, the budget became unbalanced, and the debt grew.


In the 1990s, Newt fought and won and led the Republican Revolution.  He did this despite bitter opposition from the Democrats, the media, and the old guard in the GOP.  Newt changed congress to make it more combative and ended the good-old-boy system of getting along and going along.  As a result of his fight, he was able to reform welfare, balance the budget, and cut taxes.


Now we need a fighter again.  We need someone who can fight the old guard of the GOP establishment; fight the liberal media, and fight the Obama administration.   We need Newt Gingrich.


Newt’s win is also a big win for Rick Perry, for Palin, and for the American people.  I hope Santorum will drop out and join the team.  A 3rd place finish in SC is always a one-way ticket home.


Frankly, since 1980, a 2nd place ticket is also a ticket home.  Romney still has a huge money advantage, and a wealth of endorsements and the media solidly on his side.  The question today is if conservatives will continue to stand behind Newt Gingrich, and nominate a true fighter as the Republican Nominee for the President of the United States of America.  If we do, Newt will win the nomination, the White House, and the real battle will begin.  He will then fight to balance the budget and reform the country again, just like he did 15 years ago.