Rick Perry showed courage and leadership to endorse Gingrich

The easy think for Gov. Perry to do would have been to wait until SC was over and then to endorse Romney.  That would have made his political life easier, and made it easier if he decided to leave politics and join K street.  It would be following a typical GOP pattern of dropping out and supporting the front-runner.

Gov. Perry — who I’ve attacked some this campaign — far exceeded my expectations by throwing his full support behind Gingrich.  This was a brave action to stand up against the vulture capitalist flipp-flopper Mitt Romney.  Few in politics are willing to stand up for the man they believe is the better to lead the country, and to fight against the political establishment to do this.  Rick Perry is doing it now, and I greatly respect a man who stands up for his beliefs like he has just now.  In many ways, this is a return to the Rick Perry that started the race and who has governed Texas for the last decade.

For all Perry’s imperfections, I have come to see in this one act that, at-heart, Perry cares more about his country than his personal political goals.  There is no other reason why he would take this action that was against his self-interest, but for his country.  I greatly respect this, and owe an appology to Perry and his people.  I now see that — at his core — Perry is a conservative, and a deeply rooted conservative at that. 

At this point the time has come for conservatives to now head Gov. Perry’s call and support Gingrich.  Gingrich is a deeply flawed candidate, but is better than Romney and better than Obama.  Based on Perry’s endorsement, I now feel Gingrich is the best hope for conservatives, and I ask Santorum to drop out and support Gingrich as well.

God Bless Gov. Perry for his courage, and I ask him and his supporters to forgive some of my more over-the-top attacks on Perry.  I never thought him the type who would put country over himself; which is something I believe he did in backing Gingrich over the establishment candidate of Romney.


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