Conservatives in SC uniting behind Gingrich

A series of new South Carolina Polls taken after NH are showing several interesting trends:

  • Very importantly, Huntsman is eating into Romney voters.
  • Equally important, conservatives are starting to unit behind Gingrich
It appears that there are several factors for why voters are moving over to Gingrich.  In my view, they include:
  • Rick Santorum’s poor NH showing.  Santorum’s numbers are moving down and momentum has left him.
  • Voters appear to like Gingrich’s attacks on Romney.  It appears that these attacks are actually doing more to improve voter’s views of Gingrich than they are to hurt voter’s views of Gingrich.  His attacks are actually working to help him.  The stream of voices telling Gingrich to take down the ads is a real sign that Romney thinks they will cost him SC and possibly the election.
  • Perry Supporters are starting to defect.  Although many are moving to Romney, others are starting to move to Gingrich as a Romney-alternative.
It remains to be seen if the movement will continue.  At this point, it is fair to say that Perry supporters may end up playing the roll of kingmaker for Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum — if they can all unit behind one candidate prior to SC.
Unfortunatly for folks who are not fans of Romney, if Romney does win SC (even by 1 vote), he is the GOP nominee, and the GOP will be completely destroyed as a party.
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