A recap of my prior presidential rankings, and proof that I initially thought Perry to be the likely nominee and provided support to him

So, for folks who suggest or act like I never gave him a serious look, never leaned towards him, or was always negative towards him — that is not true.  There reasons I have moved towards not liking Perry are:

  1. As I said in my posts linked above — Perry has moved away from the political center needed to win an election and towards the fringe, uneducated, emotional part of the party.  Perry has moved to the radical side on issues like the federal reserve.  Paul wants to audit the fed (resonable); Perry accused them of treason.  Perry has moved from being a fiscal moderate as governor to trying to pretend he is a tea partier and moving right of Paul on SOME spending issues.  Perry has called social security a ponzi scheme.  Partly true; but politically stupid and something that makes him a bad candidate in a general election.  Perry support freezing pay for critical defense and national security jobs until the budget is balanced.  Perry has move out of the zone of sanity on issue after issue.  That is a large part of what has caused me to withdraw support and find him unelectable.
  2. Perry is the worst debater in the field.  Perry make a lot of mistakes.  “Oops,” “heartless,” 8 supreme court justices, federal employees cannot be fired, invading iraq, and so on and so forth.  Perry simply could not go up against Obama.  I really question his electability.
  3. Perry keeps losing.  Perry was 1st in the polls for a while.  Then the more people got to know him the lower his poll numbers got.  Iowa is a good example.  Perry was winning.  Then continued to drop.  Even after Romey stopped attacking Perry and focused on Gingrich, Perry still dropped.  Later, Santorum was target, Perry still dropped.  Perry has had no-one saying anything bad about him, yet his numbers drop.  He has no chance and increasingly is fringe.
  4. Perry’s team has made a series of poor strategic mistakes.  1st they tried to win Ron Paul voters by sounding exactly like Paul on fiscal issues.  Then, they issued an incomplete economic plan.  They promised to issue more, but never did.  Then, Perry tried to win social conservatives as a last effort.  That was strategically really stupid, given that Santorum, Bachmann, and Gingrich had campaigned for social conservatives the whole time; and that so did Cain, and even Paul.  Perry’s record on social issues was never anywhere close to Santorum’s and he put himself in the place of evantually completely abandoning his initial — winnable — strategy of jobs.

My comments on Perry are fair, honest, and not a hit job.  I believe him to have no chance to win the GOP nomination, and to be the worse candidate against Obama.  I believe that Perry has run one of the worst campaigns in recent history, and that he keeps getting worse.  From the moment he called me heartless, I think I have come to realize that he is not a conservative.  Conservatives do not feel it is heartless to not pay for someone else’s college education — especially someone here illegally.  The fact that Perry would use the term “heartless,” makes me think he is a bleeding heart liberal who thinks that having a heart means putting a gun to someone else’s head and making them pay taxes so that someone who is here illegally can get some free government money towards college.  Perry is a big-government, tax and spend, take and redistribute liberal by heart.  He plays a conservative on TV, and pretends to be a teapartier, running to the radical side of the GOP to try to pander to voters being who he is not.

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