Statist means Federalist

The U.S. Consitution is not the first governing document for this country.  We first lived by the Articles of Confederation.  This initial form a government was too weak.  For this reason, our founding fathers drafted the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Consitution actually was written to strengthen government, and to increase the powers of the federal government.  The term Federalist was coined for those supporters of the Consitution, and is defined clearly in the federalist and anti-federalist papers. Rick Santorum is consistantly a federalist who supports the Consitution.  He hold views very close to Justice Scalia, and other federalists.

Ron Paul is not a federalist, and neither is Rick Perry.  Both of them actually hold views closer to those of the anti-federalists.  They continue to support state rights to the extreme, and limited federal government to the extreme.  They support a type of government that is like that which we tried and failed.  One where the states have too much authority and where the federal government does not have the ability to collect sufficient taxes to run a meaningfull government.

It is a little-known facts that the U.S. Contenential Army was promised pay for its service.  However, under the Articles of Confederation, the newly formed government could not raise the money to pay them and so the troops with without pay for their service.  That problem, and the problem of forming an effective federal government is what caused the need to write the Consitution.  The Consitution was designed to:

  1. Resolve issues of trade between the states (which had gotten in some cases close to state v state conflict
  2. Resolve issues with each state printing its own money
  3. Resolve issues of individual states negotiating treaties and such with foreign powers
  4. Resolve problems in raising money to pay for government

The Consitution worked.  These problems were resolved.  Ron Paul, however, has not come to accept this.  He rails against the U.S. having a trade policy.  Rails against commerse laws that regulate medicine and outlaw illegal drugs.  He objects to the U.S. having a standing military.  He objects to the U.S. currency.

Read the anti-fedearlist papers and you will see the political playbook for Paul, and to a lesser-extent Perry.  Anti-fedearlist #13, for example rails against the overpayment to government workers.  Apparently, some government workers made $2,500 a year and went on to argue that politicians were overpaid and to say they should make 5,6, or 7 dollars a day for the House, Senate, and President.  Antifedearlist 17 argues and argues that federal power will triumpt over state authority — exactly what Paul and Perry keep saying. Read anti-federalist 25, for Ron Paul’s objections to a standing army.  I could go on all day.  The point is that Ron Paul, and to a lesser extent Rick perry and their supporters are calling Santorum a Statist — they really mean a Federalist.

Statist means federalist.  The slur used is attacking Santorum for supporting the Consitution.

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