How the GOP Should Take Charge and Show Obama as a job-killing Liberal

The GOP Congress needs to lead.  The GOP should have the House pass and the Senate Submit 1 bill every hour to cut a government regulation put in place when Obama was president.  The Bills should be limited to only those bills with over 60% support, only bills that cost the private sector jobs and money, and only bills that do not attack politically importaint areas for the democrats.  1 bill, every hour passed by the House and introduced by the Senate.

The GOP should then refuse to allow the Senate to go on recess, and should keep Senators on the floor 24/7, fighting for 1 bill after another.  Demanding votes, and refusing to take up any liberal legislation until votes on the GOP submitted regulation-cutting bills are addressed.

The effects will be to:

  1. Show the impact of Obama’s over-regulation
  2. Keep the Senate in session to block recess appointmnets
  3. Get the GOP back on message, and focused on what is popular

It is time for the House and Senate to pave the way for the GOP to win in 2012.  The GOP needs to run on what wins, and needs to fight to improve the economy.  Cutting taxes is nice, but not enough.  We also need to cut regulations. 

On the same token, the GOP should get the GAO to do a series of Coburn-style reports on the costs of regulations.  One report each looking for regulations that can be cut for: energy, argicultur, health, on defense contractors, on government contractors, on education mandates to the states, on housing, on construction, and the financial sector, on states for transportation, on car makers, and on other topics.  These GAO reports would produce hundreds or maybe even thousands of suggested cuts, and detail the costs associated with the regulations.  The GOP should then put together a massive bill to repeal all the regulations that GAO found could be cut without any bad side effects. 

It is time for the GOP to focus like a laser on improving the economy and improving freedom by re-examining government regulations, and proposing to cut thousands of them.  I want to make something very, very clear; the total number of cuts will only be a small percent of the total regulations — likely well under 10%.  The message should be that many regulations are ok, but this small percent are costing us more than they are helping.  We need to cut them to improve the economy….Each cut should only be suggested if it is 60% or more popular, and perhaps even a higher threashold could be set.  The goal is to win the arguement, but not fight over details that may be less popular.

The GOP’s Message should be that the GOP will turn the economy around by cutting the small percent of regulations that are the most damanging and that give little to no benefit.  Not that all regulations are bad.

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