Senator's Coburn's Budget War

Senator Tom Coburn is one of the most conservative members of Congress.  Well known for his battles with Speaker Gingrich (Coburn believed Girngrich was moving the GOP too far to the left and not cutting government enough), and for beating-out the establishment candidate to win his Senate seat, followed by his crusade to cut wastefull federal spending.  Senator Coburn recently wrote an article for the Washington Examiner where he advocates against cutting a government agency.  My first thought at the idea of Senator Coburn ever suggesting a cut to a federal agency is too large is to wonder whether or not H___ had frozen over.  That is something I never thought would happen.  After reading it; it turns out I agree with him.

His article is at: http://washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds/2011/09/senate-appropriators-secret-war-against-oversight

The reason I agree with him is because of what the agency is:  GAO.  GAO is the small legislative agency that managed to save $87 for every $1 of funding it recieves.  It is called the Government Accountability Office and its mission is to find and propose cuts to fraud, waste, and abuse within the federal government.  It is the agency that discovered and reported on the House banking scandle, and with a budget of 1/2 a billion, identified $50 billion in cuts that were implemented by Congress.  It recently issued a report commissioned by Senator Coburn identifying $200 billion in potential cuts that could be made to the federal government. 

Frankly, it is clear to me why Senate Democrats would want to cut the agency (as they don’t want their pork projects exposed), and I commend Senator Coburn for fighting for good government, small government, and one of the few organizations — and perhaps the only government agency — that is actually fighting to cut government.