Civilian National Security Force

Friends, I have to tell you tonight that this isn’t much of a surprise knowing Barack Obama, but it might be a surprise to anyone who has lived in this country for the past 100 years.

Obama wants to create a Civilian National Security Force that is “…just as strong, just as powerful, just as well-funded…” as our military. For what purposes he would create and use it…is left up to the imagination. Evidently to Barack, the police in this country don’t do the kind of work he wants to see done, and the existing military isn’t enough to suppress the kinds of dissent he wants to see squelched.

What job does he want these postmodern Brownshirts to do? In most places in the country the police are doing a fine job, and the existing military is doing an overwhelmingly good job at defending the United States. So what could this third armed force, just as powerful as the military according to Barack, have as its purpose?

The only thing that I can think of is to enforce not law and order, but political orthodoxy.

It doesn’t have to be left to the imagination what Barack is calling for. It is currently illegal for the military in the United States to enforce laws (because cops do that), except in extraordinarily unusual circumstances. Barack wants nothing less than a version of the Brownshirts, empowered by him to be at least as powerful and strong and well-funded as our military. They won’t be working to counter the enemies of the United States outside our borders. They’ll be working within this country, on the “enemies of the State” that Barack deems worthy of elimination.

If anyone can illuminate to us here tonight why Barack wants to create this new armed force that is “just as powerful” as our military, aside from political suppression, I would like to hear their rationale.

It’s pointless at this juncture to say that if any Republican candidate for President called for such a thing during a campaign rally, the result would be swift and punishing. But Barack Obama’s friends agree with him, and they want to see it.