The bearded Marxist ruins another other-wise beautiful morning.

Just as I was settling in, scanning my in-box, locating that heart-warming story of the Soros-induced firing of Juan from NPR over Anti-Islam rhetoric spewed on Fox (my ain’t life strange); who but Coons splashes across my television? I hadn’t yet taken the time required to tune in my daughter’s morning shows on Nick Jr ~ the tube still resting on ABC ~ and there he was, in all his bald glory, yukkin’ it up with Stephanopoulos (yep, this world sure ‘nuff done gone crazy!). It wouldn’t take long before my computer’s keyboard was very nearly ablaze!

Take One Part Occidental College Course, Add One Part Abandonment, Shake Well | The Obama Recipe

As America heads to the polls, and Barack and Co. call us “Too scared and stupid to get it”, let us not forget what happened between ‘80 and ‘08 while Obama was “getting it”.

Chapter I ~ Barry & Boesche: the beginning

Occidental Professor Roger Boesche’s history of European and American political thought class had just finished up for the day that afternoon back in late 1980. Barry Obama and fellow classmates had spent the better portion of that day wrapping their eager minds around the concepts of Marxism – their favorite course. Being the proud elitists that they were, Barry, Hasan Shandu and their comrades had already formed a close-knit circle of trusted confidants even in this, Barry’s first year at Occidental. Obama and company preferred to congregate with folk he deemed “loyal to the black masses”. To that end, Barry selected as regular company “politically active black students<<<, the foreign students, the Chicanos, the Marxist professors and structural feminists.” It had been a long day of research and discovery for Barry and friends and the night ahead promised some much needed chillin’.

Professor Boesche, Barry’s favorite while at Occidental, was – and still is – a specialist in Marxism and a self-proclaimed Socialist (quoting one Dr. John C Drew who vowed to testify under oath to that claim) who has written several books on the subjects of Socialism, Liberalism, Marxism and more<<<. And while religious courses are certainly offered at Occidental – albeit rarely discussed<<< , and even more rarely referred to in a positive light (a causal effect of the notoriety and overwhelming popularity of Boesche’s classes) – it would not be the study of Nebuchadnezzar’s vision that Barry and company so eagerly absorbed with Professor Boesche that afternoon. No, their studies that day, which would lead to an evening of heated debate, extended drinking and several spent packs of cigarettes, involved the most diabolical man the world had ever encountered – and Barry Obama was so enthralled he could hardly sit still.

Marxism ~ the Curriculum that set the Course…

Read the tale that prompts us “too stupid to get it” voters to ask, “why is another Marxist even allowed on stage?”…