Murdoch’s Machine ~ The McCain Loss ~ And a Call to America

The Drew Interview

During the campaign days of 2008 – the fall of ’08 in particular – as Americans spent their days worrying more about the financial markets than the bickering going on between the Republican and Democrat camps, dangerous and inconspicuous actions were taking place within certain media companies. These medium, long-considered Conservative-leaning with their subject matter – as far as most of their viewers would convey – and unbeknownst to these same viewers, were stifling critical details pertaining to the Democrat party’s candidate. To hear the accusations recently offered by one Dr. John C Drew in an interview aired on Bungalow Bill’s Blog, information as it pertained to Barack’s political inclinations was being asphyxiated by Fox News during then-Senator Obama’s run-up to the White House.

As a Conservative in today’s world – the world as it was while America was tuned in, watching Obama’s rise as markets crashed – sanity dictates that the most pro-Republican news source, Fox News (aka News Corp) should have aired anything and everything it could have wrapped its anti-Liberal tentacles around towards the end goal of toppling Obama back in 2008. And the information shared by Dr. Drew – information he gathered first hand, over dinner and drinks on more than one occasion mind you – could have very well been the payload to end Obama’s rise to the Oval Office (a win that resulted in the immediate returning to the Brits of this country’s beloved Churchill bust – for starters). Why then, as per the details Drew so passionately shared with the world, did Fox News refuse the Doctor an interview – and a chance to expose that man now seemingly hell-bent on dismantling the United States of America?

McCain’s Neurotic Maneuvers and the Obama Win

John McCain wears many hats ~ many descriptions; that’s understandable and accepted considering his tenure. For 30 years now, through presidents seated in the White House carrying the moniker from both sides of the aisle, McCain has been there; in Congress battling in HIS way for goals set in stone in HIS head. Being from Texas, this author has had occasion to view 50 foot wide pro-McCain banners while driving through seemingly deserted backwater towns; only to be served barbeque in the next little town by a massive, bearded sort brandishing a Bill White for Texas banner across his establishment’s front porch. In short, McCain’s popularity is as localized as it is sporadic. One town loves him, the next doesn’t understand his platforms any better than they may have grasped Carter’s “gasoline based on your license plate” endeavor.

And it’s that schizophrenic characteristic by McCain – anti-Bush and threatening to switch sides to the Democrats one week; shouting from the rafters that Barack will have no cooperation from the Republicans for the rest of this year another – that has gained McCain (at best) an outside shot at ever gaining the job of #1. The White House will forever be that golden ring to which McCain may aspire – but he will never be President. He’s too unpredictable. He plays the game when the time suits him, but then his conscience gets the better of him – and he swings so far hard in the opposite direction that even the most laymen of us can see the writing on the wall. He cannot be bought, once he’s been used.

So it’s no wonder then, really, that McCain would never enjoy an obvious lead or comfortable margin the likes regularly afforded Mr. or Ms. “sure thing” as America pondered its next president in 2008. Whether the citizens of the great television viewing nation realized it or not, Obama had already been selected for the role as #44. And number 45 had, too, been designated before the campaign reached its end that Fall of 2008.

Fox News – owned, masterminded and resuscitated from the brink by Rupert Murdock, the news mogul’s mogul – was riding a surge in ratings during the 2008 campaign. This enterprise, News Corp, though Conservative to its core, weighed its options and elected to forgo interviewing Dr. John C. Drew intentionally. In a calculated move that today places Fox News miles ahead of the pack in ratings numbers, Murdock’s “Machine” buried THE news story that could have placed McCain in office.

Rather than air Dr. Drew’s personal account of Barack Obama, “The Machine” – a cable news channel that routinely clocks in today at #1 on the charts; number one by such a vast margin as to make number two truly a dismal “best of the losers” – tuned the story out. By working in tandem with other factions, Murdoch’s “Machine” successfully placed the square peg in the round hole. Obama surged ahead based on platforms concocted by commissions, committees, think tanks and writers galore. Twenty short months later, the results speak for themselves. “The Machine” basks in the glow of boom-time ratings the likes never before witnessed by Murdoch’s Fox News – ratings that continue unabated into yet another election cycle (this one pitting the sides, once again, at each other’s throats; this time for seats in Congress). News Corp is now THE “Machine”.

And it’s a machine that will – through its various facets, including an on-line web-site and blog, “The Blaze” and its ownership of “Wall Street Journal” – dictate the face of the world as voters from this election cycle forward shall forever view it.

E, tu, Brute?

A side conversation engaged in very recently added additional clarity to the obvious direction the upcoming presidential elections will take – the elections of 2012 that will, once again, place a new president in the White House. That side conversation sparked the proverbial light bulb – illuminating and clarifying “The Machine’s” objective, and raw, jaw-dropping power. The truth – skin crawlingly accurate – contained in that brief conversation explained precisely the reason Murdoch and company buried Dr. Drew, his interview, the truth about Obama, and the potential ace of spades lurking in that discourse, which could have been the winning hand to defeat the Democrats in 2008 – a job Murdoch’s “Machine” SHOULD have been responsible enough to expose in the name of American justice and social morality.

That side conversation I allude to, “If history is an indicator, the GOP nominee in 2012 will be Romney. The Republicans have picked the second-place finisher from the previous primary for years. Reagan finished second to Ford, Bush finished second to Reagan, Dole finished second to Bush, George W. was an outlier, McCain finished second to George W.”, was quite the eye-opener! For all its simplicity, that’s the crux in today’s relationship between society and “The Machine”. As that historically accurate sequence sinks in, consider the role of media throughout the elections of each of those GOP candidates – if indeed you can recall the media’s involvement at all.

“The Machine” is stealth, cunningly so. Dig deep. Think hard. What do you remember of each of those GOP gentlemen during their respective campaigns? What did the media feed you? If you can’t recall very much – other than a “B” movie actor or a candidate with a bum arm – you’re not alone. “The Machine” controls those images. And that “Machine” – before Americans are going to realize that it’s in control – must be recognized for what it is. America, quite frankly, must accept the fact that it will continue to fall victim to “The Machine” until the plug is pulled and the citizens seriously unite.

McCain did not win, that we know. But there were measures in place during the campaign that, when combined, should have guaranteed a McCain win. Consider the stature of Murdoch’s “Machine”, as discussed. Consider “The Machine’s” ability to capture an audience, as evidenced by its ratings during the campaign of 2008. Not to mention the burgeoning movement that had taken hold of Middle Class America immediately preceding and throughout campaign ’08. A movement that represented the country’s frustration with the ever-crumbling moral, ethical and financial status in D.C. And while that movement may have yet to reach the fever pitch of today’s Tea Party – lacking only that nationally recognized modern-day moniker – with the right spin, a nip here, and a tuck there, the “Maverick” could very easily have been sold to the voters as the Bush-alternative. Certainly as easily as Obama was.

In other words, McCain SHOULD have won. Murdoch’s “Machine” – the same one that (until very recently) has exposed Sharia, Taqiyya, The Mosque near Ground Zero, and so many other players involved with that mosque (regardless of the Conservative views as voiced by members of today’s Republican party such as Palin and Paul, both oft-interviewed by Fox) – could have lambasted Obama with (at the very least) the Dr. Drew interview. That single interview alone would have unsettled Conservative voters enough to allow for some very much required vetting. But Murdoch’s “Machine” never acted. Naturally the Liberal stations that, when combined, equal “The Machine” from hell, never vetted Obama; that goes without saying. But Fox? E, tu, Brute?

Simply stated, “The Machine”, Murdoch’s News Corp – blooming, growing, burgeoning, basking in the glow of a ratings bonanza (yet ever wary of those “not so glory” days) – wasn’t about to step out there, not off that ledge. Murdoch wasn’t about to be the only station vetting Obama with stories the likes of which Dr. Drew held in his satchel. And besides, the brass at Fox already knew who Obama was.

Who in their right mind, with even one iota of Liberal journalistic integrity working for Fox – Chris Wallace, Shep Smith – could be in the dark as to Obama’s tactics in Chicago? Obama’s days in the company of Alice Palmer, Jesse Jackson and others, as well as Barack’s voting record on the Senate floor were certainly no secret to weathered reporters the likes of the top folk over at Fox and affiliates.

No, Obama wasn’t being vetted by Murdoch’s “Machine” for one reason and one reason alone ~ “The Machine”, in cahoots with D.C. – as all powerful media “Machine” moguls eventually become once they taste the real power beyond the ratings  – wanted McCain gone.

And Romney in.

He Knows His Days are Numbered

One of the most rousing speeches ever offered by then-Senator Obama – an address before thousands upon thousands of joyful, hopeful and, while Berliners, “people of the world” as Obama so eloquently dubbed them – sent shockwaves ‘round the world. This speech:


When now compared to the bumbling, fumbling, tongue-tied, distorted and completely inaccurate soap box diatribes (“they treat me like a dog”) emanating regularly from Barack, solidifies current notions that – just as with “Dreams from my Father” – someone else indeed is in charge of the great “Papermate” pen in the sky for ol’ Barack. And while there’s no denying – as Harry Reid, the man who masterminded this entire charade so disgustingly phrased it – Obama has a great non-Negro dialect for speaking when the occasion calls for it, while he can GIVE a speech, Barack is by no means a speech writer. The words you hear flowing from the now-President’s mouth, then and likewise today, are – and have always been – orchestrated by others. And it’s not too far a stretch to posit that an integral member of that group of “others”, that “Machine”, also orchestrates things over at Fox.

Almost immediately from the moment of his swearing in, Obama – from his very demeanor to his spoken word – changed. Gone were the swagger, the open door communications, and the on-air appearances. Gone, too, was practically every single campaign promise made to his constituencies. Now these latter actions, those that leave the hardcore supporters feeling left out to dry, are routine for most first termers; the initial months in office require some settling in time. But Obama is rarified air indeed!

His first 20 months have been fodder for the media from every side of the political bench imaginable. And talk about the political blogosphere; there are now more blogs spewing venom, conspiracy theories, “off with their heads” rhetoric and pure disgust with Obama and his administration than at any time since the genre was born. The anti-Obama book writing club is a huge industry – one would think the man had been in office for 20 years! Step back for a moment and observe this in all of its wacky glory. Then ask yourself, “Why does America hate this man so much?”

Because “The Machine” has programmed you to do so from the very beginning.

Obama realized his days were numbered probably around the second or 3rd week he was in office. More than likely he sauntered into either Harry Reid’s office or the office of another of the Big Boys on Capitol Hill – you know, the ones whose coffee he would have been fetching, as they said in private back in 2006 (go ahead, look it up, it’s easy to find: “Game Change” by John Heilemann, Mark Halperin) – and stated he had some bold and fresh ideas for the first few weeks of his presidency. And that’s when reality set in.

Harry Reid and “The Machine” would cogitate as one towards the end game of Obama as president. Introducing Obama as a moderate, Americans came to be comfortable with the man from Illinois – hey, isn’t that where Lincoln was born? Showcasing Obama’s ability to overshadow the role of Black president, painting him rather as the president without preference for race, White America was infatuated. Framing Barack as one outside the usual partisanship, Bush bashers crossed the aisle. And, most deftly, working “The Machine’s” magic from behind the curtain to squelch Barack’s pre-Senate days, Conservatives, Moderates, fence straddlers and others were slowly – but surely – enticed to the Left.

But when the screaming masses returned home, when the proverbial victory bus was parked in the garage and the lights over Obama’s stage were shut off, Obama received those work orders – lickety-split. Never before has a president rammed through so many policy changes, acts, bills, reforms or legislation in such a compact timeframe as number forty four. With every seemingly desperate passing of each new bill, appropriation or tax hike, America grows increasingly infuriated. And as the American temper surges, Obama’s speeches sound ever the more ridiculous. This heretofore never (or rarely) witnessed idiocy on the part of Barack – practically never blamed publicly on “The Machine” – results in approval ratings plummeting at record speeds. Turn on any channel, tune in to any network – Liberal, Conservative, or Moderate – and each one, already is echoing the mantra: One term Obama. In short, as Obama sticks to the script, the movie plays out as written.

America has been set up. Played perfectly to grow rapidly maddened by Obama. Even those who campaigned on their own time to ensure their man would be king now routinely throw Barack under the bus at one town hall encounter after another; “I’m tired, Mr. President, tired of defending you!”

Are you watching America? “The Machine”, Murdoch’s “Machine”, lest it be considered TOO incendiary, has taken to publishing random pro-Obama articles stealthily through its external outlet “The Blaze”. Mustn’t be too sloppy now…

At some point ‘the folks’ will decide to take a break from identifying problems, and take a stab at finding solutions.”

Obama was placed in the Oval Office by “The Machine” for the purpose of enacting legislation precisely as those in power have been working towards for decades. Once thought to be purely a Liberal situation – a cause winnable through the electing of a Republican to office at the close of ruinous years of Democrat leadership – voters are awakening to the reality that perhaps America’s governmental problems run far deeper than Left vs. Right. And if Americans haven’t discovered that our country’s problems in D.C. are far more than Red vs. Blue, they deserve whatever “The Machine” feeds them.

A wise, long-time friend of mine responded to an article I wrote a few days back; an article I wrote that resulted in the sounds of chirping from the choir. Crickets could be heard from every corner of the audience upon the posting of that last article – even my trusted sources of publication elected for non-publishing. Rage naturally ensued. America wasn’t listening.

My friend suggested, At some point ‘the folks’ will decide to take a break from identifying problems, and take a stab at finding solutions. Or, failing that, at least draw a clear line between proposed solutions that might be workable, and those that are not.”

Romney will be the next GOP candidate selected, groomed, presented and shoved down the throat of American Republicans – he is the man for 2012. “The Machine” will be certain of it; I feel it in my bones. How will we respond? What solution – as my friend suggests – will we come to? Romney is a failure but plays ball across the aisles.

He can win. And when – not IF, WHEN – Murdoch’s “Machine” and D.C. powwow to decide Romney’s platforms, etc, there will be no stopping number 45 to be.

I have made my position clear from June 1. Not voting is un-American. Ongoing rhetorical complaining without a clear cut plan towards remedying this mess is also – now – un-American.

My call to America

Electing, supporting, voting for, praising, or otherwise placing our endorsement behind the candidates Sarah Palin has worked so diligently to place in their respective offices – without then throwing 100% of our endorsement behind Palin for President – is tantamount to electing the disciples without then following Jesus Christ.

I am calling on you America.

I am standing here, as your fellow American, bone tired, weary, weak in soul, mind and spirit from these things I have uncovered.

If you do not join in the battle to place Sarah Palin in the White House as our next President, you will forever acquiesce to the continued destruction of this nation that God in his wisdom allowed Washington and the Founding Fathers to build for us to enjoy.

Ronald Reagan cries from his grave at what we have allowed to become of this nation. I weep from a tear-less heart; my tears have run for so long they have turned to dust. I have suffered as you cannot possibly imagine.

My child will never know how beautiful this land once was if we do not join together in electing Sarah Palin as our President.

WE have a choice!

In the name of God, in the name of America, in the name of our children, stop the madness!

Please Sarah Palin, become our President and help us save this country!

It is time to act. The time for discovery is at its end. We know what’s wrong. Now let us make things right!

God bless the soul of this Nation!