Blinded by Obama's Rainbow?

I honestly do not know where my gay friend’s heads are.  They actually think that Obama is going to get something done.  He certainly will get something done all right.  First off…full disclosure; I am a gay out and proud man and a staunch fiscal log-cabin conservative (Yes, I am somewhat alone in this world).

To give the POTUS one ounce of praise on this issue absurd.   First, he has done absolutely nothing about this but condemn it for three and a half years.  Now, in a very calculated manner he has taken this very sensitive issue and, with the help of the hypocrites in Hollywood, thrown it in the face of those with dissenting views.  I want marriage equality, not because it is thrown in someone’s face…not because it is the politically correct thing to do, but because the people “believe” it to be right and just.  Of course there will always be folks that disagree on this issue.  And I understand why they do.   But at least we have been able to have civil discussion about this much more so over the past decade than ever.  Things were looking up.  Hate crime laws were passed.  But now….now, we have Obama…for the pure political gain of a few votes and mostly campaign funds this issue is thrown in the face of those with opposite or questioning views.  And what are we going to get.  Just think of how a rat acts when backed into a corner.  This has done absolutely nothing but really…and I mean really piss people off, on both sides.  More-so for those that oppose this.  True enough it is spurring conversation and that is good.  I have seen and witnessed a shift in attitudes to the detriment of the fight for equal rights for the GLBT community in my place of employment almost overnight because of this.   This issue is deeper than racial or female equality ever was, not bigger…just deeper. (in my humble opinion of course).   It cuts across all ethic classes.  I am firmly convinced that Obama politicizing yet another issue has done just the opposite of what the GLBT community wants.  I again say…the only reason Obama even did this was to 1) get votes and 2) get votes and finally 3) to get votes.

Shame on your Mr. President for taking such important issues as this and dividing the nation even further than you already have, which until last week I didn’t think possible.  Worse than you losing my vote Mr. President, you now have completely lost my respect.  Again full disclosure…this definitely was not the only reason for losing my vote.

I truly believe that Obama and his hypocritical morons in Hollywood have moved this argument for the GLBT community back 10 years.  At the same time, oddly enough to me, many of my gay friends are so blinded by Obama’s awesomeness and stuck in their gay world they cannot see this.  When I finally am able to have a rational conversation with them, every time their eyes are opened.  Some just a smidgen and others a lot.  A true leader would have invited open discussion about these issues on both sides and help led Americans towards a “fair” consensus. Why wasn’t a methodical concise approach taken.  Why not be a true leader and come to the opposing side with compassion and understanding for their position by someone that “said” they truly believed in the issue.  Not now boy.  But I forget…I’m asking Obama to be a leader.  The opportunity is gone!!   This is a sad sad day for the GLBT community.  They’ll soon wake up and see where our rainbow did not end at the pot of gold…but ended in the toilet with Obama.  For now anyway.

At least with Mr. Romney, while I do not 100% agree with his position I do respect it.  I just wish more news outlets (real news outlets) would properly report on Mr. Romney’s “complete” position.  Moreover, this very small issue of equality for GLBT to marry pales in comparison to the real issues that face this nation.  While Obama can try to shift focus all he wants, the American People know and feel the truth.