Romney Polls MA to determine his position on Abortion

Prior to Mitt Romney’s run for Gov. of Mass., he polled the Mass., people to determine their overall stance on Abortion.  Finding out the state was a pro-choice state, he told his church that he was going to run on a pro-choice platform.  The only thing one can conclude from this is that Romney will say or do anything to Win.  Now that he has been the Gov.., he now wants the Presidency.  And now he is saying that he had a change of faith based on DNA evidence.  BS!   So he was Pro-Life, then Pro-Choice to win Mass and now he wants to be Pro-Life again to win the White House.  My concern is not about the issue of abortion.  That is a fight for another day.   My issue is this:  How can he or anyone defend running on this opportunistic platform.   How can he win against Obama on this.   Only to be followed up by the fact that RomneyCare was IN FACT a blueprint for Obama Care.  Romney Care obliterates the GOP mandate argument against Obamacare in Primary.   How….How can the GOP get past these two issues.   THEY CANNOT!!!   There is absolutely NO WAY for ROMNEY to win against Obama.  Yet…he still has the momentum.  WHY….MONEY from his Wall-Street Fat Cat Friends.   You think that the Washington Establishment/Elite is bad….you haven’t seen anything until you deal with the Wall Street Elite.  Newt is certainly feeling it right now.

Newt Gingrich is the only hope for the GOP to win the Presidency in 2012.  A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.  Mark my words.  I pray that each one of you that may read this, make the right decisions.  WAKE UP PEOPLE….DON’T BE BOUGHT OFF BY MITT’S MONEY.   WE’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THAT CRAP IN WASHINGTON ALREADY.