Spare Us The Self-Righteous Tax Talk

With only days remaining to decide the fate of next year’s tax code, Democrats are torn between reluctantly siding with their Republican counterparts or standing firm with the core progressive principles that have recently resulted in their November “shellacking”.

The White House’s take on this is that the revenue generated from the higher income earners will be “spent” on tax breaks for the middle class.  That seems a bit odd.  How do you “spend” to create tax cuts?  How do you spend more money to take in less money?  The only option would be is if the Obama administration was disingenuous about reducing the deficit, meaning the reason they would continue hiking taxes on the rich would be to continue their spending endeavors.  Many of the which, they often criticized George W. Bush for.

The push by Democrats to raise taxes on America’s wealthiest earners is being rejected by the Republicans who are united on the issue and are refusing to cave.  The only thing Democrats have left to do is whine that it isn’t fair.  Senator Frank Lautenberg takes it a step further, enveloping himself in a holier-than-thou façade as he boasted his past earnings in the business world while hoping to garner admiration for his show of selflessness using a completely hypothetical act of charity.

“I had a good business career,” explains Lautenberg.  “I would be entitled to a tax cut for those over the million dollar mark, but I don’t want it.  I don’t need it.  What I am looking at today, I think it is a great American travesty.”

What it translates out to is, “I used to have it.  Now I don’t.  But if I still did, you can bet I wouldn’t need it.  So I wouldn’t want it.  But if you have, and want it, but you don’t need it, then….SHAME ON YOU!”

Since when did it become an “American travesty” to make as much money as you what?  Is it so wrong that we should be allowed to keep what we earn?  Sanctimonious Lautenberg is suggesting that those wanting to keep what they earn are somehow immoral.  Lautenberg sees himself as better than every other “rich” earner alive.  If he doesn’t need it, he doesn’t want it.  After all, someone who lives a simple life, with that summer home in Martha’s Vineyard, probably doesn’t need anything anymore.  Especially at the age of 86.

With Lautenberg telling people what they do and do not need,  Senator Chuck Schumer joined in Saturday’s circus act and looked into his magic crystal ball, claiming he could accurately tell everyone exactly what the rich would be doing with their money in the next year.  Absolutely nothing.

“It’s not that we want to punish the wealthy,” said Schumer.  “We want to praise them.  But they are doing fine and they are not going to spend the money and stimulate the economy.”

See, here’s the thing.  It’s called a recession.  Economic uncertainty is keeping everyone from spending like crazy at the moment.  Most people call that being responsible.  Even if the economy was in picture perfect shape, it’s their right if they just want to let the money sit in a bank.  Congress is the worst example one could think of when it comes to wisely spending money, so who are they to criticize?  They vote for a bill, vote to fund the bill, and then wake up the next morning not able to tell you what it was they actually voted for.  Is that the kind of spending that Schumer wants the rich to engage in?  Senator Schumer, please take note that unemployment still isn’t any better after the stimulus spending spree with the nation’s credit card.

In the end, this tax argument has nothing to do with being fair.  It doesn’t even have anything to do with being rich or poor.  Their argument stems from something so deep that we only get bits at a time.  One such bit on Democrats’ minds as they toy with their obsession of raising taxes is greed.  The Democrats believe that we, the American people, are greedy and though it would political suicide to say it plainly, it’s not that hard to detect.  Just listen to what they are saying.  Senator Lautenberg believes he is better than us because he doesn’t want or need that money.  The rest of us are just self-centered capitalist pigs.  Shame on us for reaping the fruits of our labor; shame on us for actually wanting to keep it that way.  Senator Schumer might tell you he doesn’t want to ‘punish’ the wealthy, but deep down, he believes you should only be keeping the amount that he and his Democrat cronies see fit.  Convincing themselves that we are a greedy nation helps drive them to ‘fix’ us.  Bit by bit, they will work until they achieve their end result.  And in the end, this result is the real argument behind the progressive philosophy.  There is just one thing they seek:  Control.