Sen Obama you are scaring the folks

Yesterday I posted a letter titled A Letter from An American Woman on this site. I also sent it for publication in my local newspaper. I didn’t know it was published until I received a phone call last night from a stranger, a local man in his 80’s. He was crying. He called to thank me for writing the letter and that he was choked up because it expressed much of what he was feeling. He said he was very distressed about what was about to happen to his country if Barak Obama was elected. He said his people came to this country in the 1600’s and he couldn’t bear to see his country destroyed. I tried to reassure him that there were a lot of people who felt as passionately as he did and that there was a great effort to keep Barak Obama from becoming President.

After the phone call, I clicked on the Drudge Report. There was the usual picture of Barak Obama with a halo. To the side was a story reporting that Barak Obama will seek to form a Civil Defense Corps. Immediately, I became nauseated, I pictured armed guards patrolling our streets keeping us all in line. Scary thoughts.

Last night I was reminded of how important it is to preserve our country. We must all keep fighting up until election day any way we can.