Never Trumpers, Is There an End Game?

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Never mind the Bushes. Forget about McCain and Romney. And while you’re at it, ignore for a moment the GOP politicians and conservative media pundits who consider it necessary to inform you that they don’t support Donald Trump. Let’s instead try and figure out what’s driving this phenomenon. Even though he’s the undisputed GOP nominee, there remain conservatives who consider it their political duty to inform us that Trump is a flawed candidate. OK, NeverTrumpers, thanks for the insight. Just one question about all of the grumbling. What is the point?

Perhaps it’s an effort to assuage the guilt of increasing the chances of a Clinton presidency. Maybe some are holding out hope that there still might be a worthy GOP candidate out there who can rise to victory. Or perhaps it’s just that neverTrumpers want to sleep better at night, knowing that as the country crumbles, they’re at least holding on to their principles.

Personal ideals are all well and good. But if your house is on fire, you don’t care if the fire department sends you a response unit of strict constitutionalists or judicial activists. If you’re huddled in a foxhole while the bullets fly and the bombs explode, survival is foremost on your mind. Personal integrity is of little consolation when standing knee-deep in rubble.

Considering the potential havoc from what will essentially be an extension of another Obama administration, the results won’t be pretty. Only the most naïve and gullible among us could believe that there won’t be a maximum-effort political war against those who oppose this new Democrat administration. And it’s foolish to assume that the damage will be something from which we can recover as a nation intact. We should at least consider the possibility that the harm done could be permanent.

Which brings us to the bigger picture. There are some rank and file conservatives who are stubbornly holding on to the belief that they can live to fight another day. By odd coincidence, establishment Republican strategists and their donor-class power brokers think so too. These political Pollyannas apparently think that a Hillary Clinton presidency won’t be so bad. May as well bide your time until 2020. Never mind that there’s a lot than can go wrong in four years. By that time the political landscape may have drastically changed beyond recognition.

There should be no question as to what a Hillary Clinton administration will bring. We should expect legislation from the Supreme Court bench, executive orders that bypass Congress, and federal agencies passing laws that we can’t yet imagine. And that’s just for starters. U.S. borders will likely continue to deteriorate, leaving only quaint memories of a time when there was such a thing as national security.

As bleak as the possibilities might be, there could be an even darker vision lurking within some conservatives. We could be seeing an emerging nihilism seeping into the mindset of some frustrated voters. In the face of impending defeat, a scorched earth approach may be on the minds of conservatives who consider they have no other option but to oppose Trump, and disavow the GOP.

Regardless of what the November election portends, why expend the effort towards what so many have predicted will be a Clinton victory? The Democrats and their allies in the media are already leading the offensive to ensure that Trump will lose. Why contribute to something that’s already in full force? What is there to gain by piling on?

No doubt there will be disgruntled Republicans and forsaken conservatives who will abstain from voting for Trump. But it will be a pointless and hollow gesture. Public grousing and stubborn abstention only gives Democrats and the media more to gloat about. Don’t vote for Trump if you must. But don’t pretend that some higher purpose is being served. And even if there is some noble impulse behind the self-righteous indignation, no one needs to hear about it. Tell it to the chaplain. Better to focus on something practical. Like figuring out how we’re getting out of this alive.