Move Over Ryan Lochte, Here Comes Colin Kapernick


Welcome, Colin Kapernick, to the Major League of Unforgettable Stupidity, well-known athlete division. It only took one brief comment, but Colin hit the end zone when he explained why he sat out the Star Bangled Banner at a recent exhibition game. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

Free speech in America is a wonderful thing. It gives us the right to speak out when someone says something so stupid that it demands a response like, “You’re so full of crap, it’s bubbling out the top of your head.” A little graphic perhaps. But hey, the First Amendment covers imagery too. If it works, use it.

Colin really owes us a little elaboration on his view of America. Just who does he think is doing all of this oppressing? Did the president just sign an executive order giving us all the green light to persecute whomever we please? And why would Americans want to maltreat minorities in the first place? Is there something to be gained by beating people down, or is it just something Americans do for fun? Let’s have it Kap, give us your expanded theory on this.

There’s one thing Kapernick didn’t say, but he may as well have. There can be little doubt that he wasn’t actually referring to Americans in general. He was specifically talking about white Americans. The implication, of course, is that we’re a bunch of racists who like beating up minorities. Which gets us to the stupidity factor. You don’t need to be a PR genius to understand that it’s bad form to denigrate your customers. But take heart. Although Kapernick may think all you white Americans suck, the 49er marketing department still loves you.

How will Kapernick’s verbal fumble affect his team? Will white players be able to play with a quarterback who thinks they’re a bunch of racists? Let’s ask that question again the next time Colin gets sacked. Defensive opponents who happen to be white may have some extra motivation now. How about head coach Chip Kelly? Will he have the confidence to allow someone who lacks perspective and judgement run his 49er offense? What about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? Does he really want to deal with the headache of having to spin lame, cartoonish statements uttered by this noxiously outspoken player? And let’s not forget about the angry fans who think they’ve been insulted. They’re burning their number seven jerseys now. Yeah, pro football has this freedom of speech thing firing on all cylinders now.

Make no mistake, there are many in the NFL and the sports media that have come out in defense of Colin Kapernick. But they’re part of the problem. Like Kapernick, they see a country teeming with malcontents who hate minorities. Colin is just doing a brave and noble thing, you see. He’s informing us how rotten we white folks are. When you play the “social justice” card, you’re given full license to expose America as the oppressive county that it truly is.

Stupidity is bad enough. Insensitivity might be worse. While Kapernick denounces America, he continues to collect millions of American dollars while he lives it up in his $2.7 million, 4,600 sqft house. Clearly a man who knows oppression when he sees it. Meanwhile he reaps all of the benefits and more from a country he holds in contempt.

An NFL football fan can easily spend over $100 to attend a single game. That shouldn’t have to include political preaching and idiotic demonstrations as part of the ticket price. That’s not what fans are paying for. Those who applaud Kapernick for his actions and statements probably don’t attend football games. Why should they care if players get on their soap boxes to sermonize on their pet political issues at the fans’ expense? At the very least, freedom of speech should include the right from being subjected to tedious unwanted diatribes.

Keep it up Colin. Don’t worry about the fans. Who needs ‘em? I can’t wait for his next celebrity product endorsement. What a load of hypocrisy that will be. In the meantime, Kapernick may be reevaluating his future. If only he had just gone to a party, gotten plastered, and trashed a gas station, it all would have blown over by now. Instead, the NFL is now stuck with the mess.