Flushing Out the Left


In spite of the overwhelming success of American Sniper, it received only one Oscar out of the six categories for which it was nominated. It was a consolation prize most likely—one that allowed the Academy to maintain their façade of integrity, while not causing Hollywood liberals’ heads to explode. But this isn’t about the public sensation the film has become. It’s about another phenomenon: the predictable reactions that came from the left.

There’s no need to detail or recap the antagonism. But now that the furor of angry and confused criticism is beginning to subside to non-toxic levels, I think we can take a look at a much bigger picture with little risk of radioactive contamination. First and foremost, we can acknowledge that the name Chris Kyle is now a cultural meme which mere mention will cause unhinged pathos in the hearts and minds of the perturbed progressive of today. Just add it to the list of keywords that always seem to trigger contempt for conservative Americans.

This is hardly anything new. Liberals always respond to phrases like “Sarah Palin,” “Fox News,” and “The Koch Bros,” as if you’re invoking some unholy curse against them. I’ll admit that there’s an amusement factor here that’s fun to exploit, and I’ll admit that I have a bit of a cruel streak taking advantage of it. It’s a bit like poking a stick into the monkey cage just to hear them shriek. But never mind about my problems.

There’s more to this game than taking pot shots at liberals like so many arcade game moles. Sure, a round of enrage-a-liberal can be entertaining, but there’s a practical aspect that we should be putting into play at every opportunity. When the Left gets agitated, they react in a way that exposes their rigid and narrow minded worldview. At such times there’s a momentary window of clarity in which liberals will reveal who they really are: elite totalitarians in possession of a superior ideology to which the rest of us must defer.

I think it sometimes goes deeper than that. Inside the minds of the more militant progressives, certain words can work like incantations that bring out a radical spirit hidden within. For example, just mention the Tea Party and it can be like watching the release of some fantastic exorcised demon, opening a portal into a troubled and disturbed soul. Melodramatic? I don’t think so.

“Know your enemy” isn’t just simple sound advice. It’s vital for opposing a radical left that’s permanently at war with America. We need to know the Left better than they know themselves. We need to know who they really are, what they’re really trying to do and the real reasons why. And we need to effectively articulate the reality behind their façade.

I say let the Left rant on. Every angry reaction is a poker tell that telegraphs what they really think about their country and their fellow Americans. Go ahead and show your enthusiasm for the patriotic heroism displayed in American Sniper. Admit that you’re hoping Sarah Palin runs for president again. Mention something you heard on Rush Limbaugh. Then watch the mild mannered liberal transform into an unreasoned beast like Larry Talbot under a full moon. Have fun, but don’t forget to take some notes.

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