The Non Religious Winter Birth Diorama


by Chris Shugart

It’s become the most politically incorrect time of the year. More and more, timid holiday revelers feel compelled to avoid any and all Christian references connected to the—uh—season. It was Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly that popularized the term “War on Christmas” about a decade ago, and it continues to be an annual battle that shows no signs of letting up.

Always on the front lines of the annual Yuletide struggle are public displays of the traditional nativity scene celebrating the seminal event that started it all some 2000 years ago. These overtly religious presentations don’t sit well with atheists, pseudo-civil libertarians, and misguided busybodies who’ve developed a pathological talent for getting easily offended.

As a marketing professional, I’m familiar with how a little repackaging can sometimes change the perception of a product. And I’m always on the lookout for ways of subverting the contemporary socio-political establishment. Towards this end, I’ve taken the initiative by designing a “new” product I call the Winter Birth Diorama. It’s secular, it’s modern, and celebrates the holidays in a politically-centric way that even the most liberal separation-of-church-and-state advocate should have no objections.

So, to you friends and neighbors, a very Merry You-Know-What.