Obamacare: I Know a Dead Parrot When I See One

by Chris Shugart

Hey, who remembers Baghdad Bob, Saddam Husseins’s Information Minister during the Iraqi war? His blatantly-in-denial reports on the undeniably successful American invasion into his country provided comic relief throughout the war. Today, if you consider the Obama administration’s wild tales of fantasy about Obamacare, Baghdad Bob almost seems quaint by comparison. But in either case, unintentional humor can be just as funny as a well-rehearsed comedy sketch.

More recently, the news that the British comedy group Monty Python were reuniting would seem to have come at an opportune time. Two of their most popular sketches keep coming to mind whenever I read any news about the Obamacare fiasco. The “Argument Clinic” and the “Parrot Sketch” make for funny illustrations of what an absurd failure government mandated compulsory health care is turning into. I know it will never happen, but Monty Python could rework both of those sketches into hilarious versions of our current health care situation.

For Example:

“The Obamacare Clinic”

Health Insurance Customer: The Obamacare website doesn’t work.

President Obama: Yes it does.

Health Insurance Customer: It doesn’t! Nobody can log in.

President Obama: Yes they can.

Health Insurance Customer: They can’t. It’s a complete mess.

President Obama: No it’s not.

Health Insurance Customer: It is!

President Obama: No it’s not.

Health Insurance Customer: Look, I’m tired of this bureaucratic runaround.

President Obama: No you’re not.

And so on. Or consider this:

“The Dead Health Care Sketch”

Health Insurance Customer: My health insurance just got cancelled.

President Obama: It’s just being re-calibrated.

Health Insurance Customer: And I can’t keep my old doctor.

President Obama: Just a minor adjustment in your plan.

Health Insurance Customer: I can’t even access the website.

President Obama: That’s a temporary glitch in the system. It’s fixed now.

Health Insurance Customer: My new policy options are limited, and the whole thing is too expensive.

President Obama: That’s just Republican propaganda. Once you’re enrolled, everything will be fine.

The Obama administration’s blissful altering of reality would be comedic if it weren’t so destructive. Even so, sometimes you just gotta laugh.